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Does a company have to have your login information to verify your identity?

A loan company said they needed my logins to my account and got a couple closed and also logged into my and got it locked. Do they need my username and password? He said that he needed another ...

loans scams identity-theft  
user avatar asked by Addyson Cain Score of 16
user avatar answered by littleadv Score of 101

Can a homeowners insurance demand that I perform specific maintenance at my home?

Our insurance company sent someone out to take photos of our home. They then sent us a letter stating we must fix cracked windows and remove any foliage that is near or hangs over house and out-...

united-states insurance home-insurance michigan  
user avatar asked by Michael Score of 11
user avatar answered by littleadv Score of 18

If I receive goods as a form of compensation, can I sell those goods without being double taxed on them?

I recently got invited to participate in a program which sends people consumer products free-of-charge in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review of the products in question. When enrolling in the ...

united-states income-tax tax-deduction  
user avatar asked by Ajedi32 Score of 3
user avatar answered by sjy Score of 3

All up front rental payments impacting taxes?

Prospective tenant in Philadelphia, PA wants to pay for year long lease all up front. How does this impact net income and therefore taxes? Typically when paid on a monthly basis I am able to deduct ...

united-states income-tax rental-property depreciation pennsylvania  
user avatar asked by Runeaway3 Score of 2
user avatar answered by littleadv Score of 8

Money-Weighted Returns calculation clarification

I found out this is the calculation for the Money-Weighted Returns. From what I understand, PVO can also be seen as "Present Value of the portfolio". If this is the case, doesn't the right-...

calculation stock-valuation rate-of-return inflation  
user avatar asked by Wenuka Score of 2
user avatar answered by Chris Degnen Score of 2

Double Taxation - New York and New Jersey

I have a tax situation for year 2022. Amounts given below are examples. 1/1/2022 to 8/8/2022: living and working in Indiana (income $55,000) 8/9/2022 to 12/31/2022: living in New Jersey, working in ...

taxes income-tax state-income-tax new-york new-jersey  
user avatar asked by sam Score of 1
user avatar answered by user102008 Score of 2

How to resolve an error with my PAYE income tax reporting

My employer seems to have made a mistake when totalling the income tax on my 22-23 payslips and ultimately my P60 - I have found the month where this occurred, where the year to date tax column was ...

income-tax united-kingdom  
user avatar asked by Mr_Thyroid Score of 1
user avatar answered by GS - Apologise to Monica Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"Savings" account vs. "current" account - what's the difference?

When I draw money from ATMs or open a new bank account, there's the choice of either "savings" or "current" account. What's the difference between these two account types?

banking atm accounts singapore  
user avatar asked by Fitri Score of 30
user avatar answered by littleadv Score of 29

If something is coming into my account will it be debit or credit in my account?

I have made a small balance sheet on google docs for my monthly expenses and income. If something comes into my account, would that be a credit or a debit in my account? If I got 500 from somewhere, ...

credit balance-sheet balance  
user avatar asked by Hafiz Score of 11
user avatar answered by JohnFx Score of 16

Why do people save so much?

When I am old and retired (70 years +), I don't plan to spend a lot of money. I'll be living in my own house that is already paid off at that point, so no rent or mortgage payments. Since I don't need ...

savings retirement risk compound-interest  
user avatar asked by cearl Score of 165
user avatar answered by TTT Score of 272

I'm 23 and was given $50k. What should I do?

Recently I was given 50k from my grandmother in her will. I am 23 years old and have no idea what to do with it. I make $33k a year. I have zero savings. I owe $35k in student loans over 6 years 0% ...

united-states savings starting-out-investing  
user avatar asked by John Wall Score of 132
user avatar answered by michael Score of 147

What is the best way to accept payment when selling a used car?

I plan on selling a used car via Craigslist, and I hope to get between $4-5K for it. I don't want to take a check from a stranger, but I'm concerned that no one will be willing to show up at my house ...

united-states car cash selling  
user avatar asked by Matt Solnit Score of 68
user avatar answered by Timo Geusch Score of 56

If I leave my job, what happens to my flexible spending account?

I am about to decide how much money to set aside for my 2013 Flexible Spending Account (FSA). (The max this year is $2500.) But I am wondering what happens if I switch employers during the year. Does ...

united-states taxes healthcare fsa  
user avatar asked by Stainsor Score of 23
user avatar answered by George Marian Score of 11

Can I open a US bank account even if I don't live in the country?

I'm Swedish, but living in Switzerland at the moment. Can I open a US bank account? Either when in the US on vacation or through the internet/phone? There are lots of situations when I find myself in ...

united-states credit-card bank-account non-resident europe  
user avatar asked by Erik Tjernlund Score of 33
user avatar answered by Korneel Bouman Score of 21

Can you answer these questions?

What is "IB Symbol" in Interactive Brokers?

What is "IB Symbol" in Interactive Brokers? Why is it sometimes different from the "Symbol"? For example, in Xetra exchange, the iShares Core MSCI EM IMI UCITS ETF has Symbol IS3N, ...

user avatar asked by yaskovdev Score of 1

Can a French plan épargne logement (PEL) be used to purchase a property located outside France?

I wonder the following: can a French plan ├ępargne logement (PEL) be used to purchase a property located outside France? does not indicate ...

real-estate international home-loan france  
user avatar asked by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 1
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