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Top new questions this week:

Am I getting scammed? (Linking accounts to send money to someone's daughter)

A man I have been talking to online for a few months wants me to link our bank accounts. He said his account was hacked and is froze while the bank is investigating it. Meanwhile he needs to send ...

savings scams  
user avatar asked by Nikki Score of 22
user avatar answered by Shawaron Score of 106

Is there any reason to keep old checks?

I have a bunch of old checks from my job which I've already cashed into my checking account (online). Is there any tax reason (USA) or otherwise that I shouldn't just shred them?

check checking-account paycheck  
user avatar asked by largecoconutballs06 Score of 10
user avatar answered by mhoran_psprep Score of 20

does the 401k 12 month loan limit reset with a new plan

Thank you in advance for any advice! Pretty simple question: I have an existing plan with my previous employer, I am no longer with them. I have a outstanding loan on that plan. I am setting up a new ...

401k solo-401k  
user avatar asked by Joe Ruder Score of 2
user avatar answered by littleadv Score of 4

Umbrella Policy for Greater Than Half Million Worth

My net worth is around 1.4 million dollars. I read somewhere that I should get an umbrella policy. Currently, I have basic car insurance as shown below. Car 1 Coverage: Bodily Injury Coverage Limit ...

insurance net-worth umbrella-insurance  
user avatar asked by user19037628 Score of 1

How does it help to make callable bonds floating if not called?

As I understand it, fixed-rate callable bonds are often structured in such a manner that if the bond is not called on its first call date, the bond becomes a floating variable bond. This, I imagine, ...

user avatar asked by Jaood Score of 1
user avatar answered by D Stanley Score of 1

Qualified Covered Calls and Naked put positions

Suppose an investor owns 100 shares of the XYZ stock in a qualified covered call position. He is also short puts on the XYZ stock. All of this is down outside of an retirement accounts. He has an ...

united-states taxes stocks income-tax options  
user avatar asked by Bob Score of 1

Japanese citizen living in the UK, pays tax in Japan, do they need to pay tax in the UK too? Double tax?

My wife is working part time earning under £800 a month and paying taxes in Japan on her income. She lives in the UK though, I believe there's a tax agreement with Japan to prevent double taxation. ...

taxes income-tax united-kingdom japan  
user avatar asked by Josh19041996 Score of 1
user avatar answered by littleadv Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do banks want you to pay off interest before principal?

When you take out a traditional mortgage the first payment you make to a bank pays off mostly interest and then later payments start paying off principal. What is the reason for this? Is it just a ...

mortgage interest principal amortization discounting  
user avatar asked by bernie2436 Score of 39
user avatar answered by Rick Goldstein Score of 72

If something is coming into my account will it be debit or credit in my account?

I have made a small balance sheet on google docs for my monthly expenses and income. If something comes into my account, would that be a credit or a debit in my account? If I got 500 from somewhere, ...

credit balance-sheet balance  
user avatar asked by Hafiz Score of 11
user avatar answered by JohnFx Score of 16

Exchange rates - when to multiply or divide?

Disclaimer: These are hypotheticals, not real exchange rates. When doing exchange rate calculations, is the currency to the left the currency you're exchanging, and the right the one you're ...

user avatar asked by gx2g Score of 2
user avatar answered by jimsug Score of 7

Under what circumstances can a bank transfer be reversed?

Under what circumstances can a UK high street bank reverse, refund or cancel a bank transfer and do they need to contact the account holder beforehand? I had been under the impression that if I log ...

united-kingdom scams online-banking  
user avatar asked by Lima Score of 34
user avatar answered by Ben Miller Score of 26

What could account for me owing exactly $6000 in taxes?

In preparing my taxes, my on-line tax software says I owe exactly $6000. My wife and I make a combined income of around $140,000. We work for the same employer. On her W4, we didn't adjust taxes for ...

united-states taxes irs  
user avatar asked by Village Score of 14

How can I lookup the business associated with a FEIN?

I have a FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) and need to locate the business or non-profit that has been assigned that number, how can I look that up only given the FEIN number?

united-states business corporation research  
user avatar asked by WilliamKF Score of 5
user avatar answered by Knuckle-Dragger Score of 5

Why is there a delay on credit card transactions showing up on my online statement?

If I make a purchase with my credit card there is a delay of a few days before it shows up on my online statement. If I make a purchase with my debit card it usually is displayed that day. Why the ...

credit-card online-banking debit-card  
user avatar asked by wkm Score of 17
user avatar answered by Kirill Fuchs Score of 15

Can you answer this question?

After-tax yield to maturity for a discount bond

I am trying to calculate the after-tax yield to maturity (YTM) of a discount bond using Excel's standard functions. For a discount bond, I can use the YIELD function to get the pre-tax YTM, which I ...

bonds rate-of-return yield discount maturity  
user avatar asked by Jonathan Score of 1
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