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Top new questions this week:

How to stop fraudulent recurring credit card transactions being forwarded to new card?

I have a Mastercard credit card issued by a U.S. based financial institution. Several billing cycles ago the card information was compromised and several hundred transactions were initiated. The card ...

united-states credit-card fraud mastercard  
user avatar asked by cms Score of 28
user avatar answered by littleadv Score of 37

What is the point of term life insurance?

I am in USA. I am trying to understand term life insurance. My husband makes $150K a year and wanted to get a term life. I believe the rule is 10 times your yearly salary so for us it would be term ...

united-states insurance term-life  
user avatar asked by Mary Doe Score of 9
user avatar answered by JohnFx Score of 44

Do High Interest Savings Account (HISA) have an associated risk?

I have been chatting with a friend who asserts that all investments have an associated risk. In reference to this I suggested a High Interest Savings Account, claiming it has no risk. My friend ...

canada savings investment-strategies  
user avatar asked by akozi Score of 6
user avatar answered by Justin Cave Score of 8

Taxes on certain retirement income in Canada for a US citizen / resident of Canada

I receive US military retirement, and Veterans Administration Disability and Social Security. What is taxed in Canada? Is anything exempt such as the Veterans Disability?

united-states taxes canada retirement  
user avatar asked by Joe Score of 3
user avatar answered by DJClayworth Score of 2

Automatically combine transfers between my own accounts

I am using Gnucash for personal use, as a new user, and whilst I have managed to arrange my accounts as I wish I have an issue with importing my bank transaction data. With my bank I have a set up ...

user avatar asked by user3353819 Score of 3

Portability of estate tax exemption after sunset

This is a question about the federal estate tax in the United States. Suppose a married man died in (let's say) 2021, when the estate tax exemption was $11.7 million. He leaves his entire estate to ...

united-states taxes estate  
user avatar asked by WillO Score of 2
user avatar answered by littleadv Score of 1

Understanding Time-Weighted Rate of Return

In general I consider myself a relatively maths-literate person, but I'm really struggling to understand TWRR (Time-Weighted Rate of Return); at least as my investment provider is presenting it to me. ...

stocks rate-of-return isa  
user avatar asked by Andrew Ferrier Score of 2
user avatar answered by Chris Degnen Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How does this WhatsApp scam work?

I am trying to work out how this attempted scam on me could possibly work financially for the scammers as it just seems like the time and effort involved as well as the low potential for payoff isn't ...

scams cryptocurrency  
user avatar asked by Arj Score of 43
user avatar answered by Vicky Score of 64

Exchange rates - when to multiply or divide?

Disclaimer: These are hypotheticals, not real exchange rates. When doing exchange rate calculations, is the currency to the left the currency you're exchanging, and the right the one you're ...

user avatar asked by gx2g Score of 1
user avatar answered by jimsug Score of 6

If a stock doesn't pay dividends, then why is the stock worth anything?

I read somewhere that companies are not required to pay dividends to shareholders (this is correct, yes?). If so, then if company A never pays dividends to its shareholders, then what is the point ...

investing dividends stock-analysis stock-valuation  
user avatar asked by extremeaxe5 Score of 226
user avatar answered by Stephen Score of 185

Is it a scam if the person only wants to deposit into my account, not make a withdrawal?

A man in west coast Austria wants to deposit money into my account. I'm in Alabama. I had to get an online account. I did that, but he says his bank manager needs all this information: DOB ...

online-banking scams  
user avatar asked by donna Score of 88
user avatar answered by littleadv Score of 302

Scam? Checks via Email

I'm in contact with an individual who wants to send me money. I'm wary about this so I decided to ask here. He wants to email me a photo of a check and for me to use that to deposit money into my ...

scams fraud  
user avatar asked by Colton Paeper Score of 18
user avatar answered by mhoran_psprep Score of 41

Are programmers in the USA still able to automate fetching their bank transactions, like was possible in the 1980s and 1990s?

I have a pretty simple question for primarily programmers in the USA, but it also goes for those elsewhere. I'm in Sweden. A couple of years ago, just when I had finally set up an automated system to ...

banking bank-account online-banking automation  
user avatar asked by Delwin C. Score of 39

How can I lookup the business associated with a FEIN?

I have a FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) and need to locate the business or non-profit that has been assigned that number, how can I look that up only given the FEIN number?

united-states business corporation research  
user avatar asked by WilliamKF Score of 5
user avatar answered by Knuckle-Dragger Score of 5

Can you answer these questions?

Transfer money internationally via wire transfer, provided intermediary SWIFT but not intermediary account number

I want to send money from the U.S. bank to one of the Georgian Republic banks. Georgian bank provided me with an intermediary bank SWIFT but not an intermediary account number, and the banker told me ...

international international-transfer wire-transfer swift  
user avatar asked by Abesalomi Gogatishvili Score of 1

Short interest and short volume does not add up

I know the difference between short volume and short interest. The later the number of the outstanding shares that are now (or any other date) in a short position; while the former shows how many ...

user avatar asked by discipulus Score of 1 US bank account blocked withdrawl

I have opened this account on F1 visa(expired now) and was using it to receive consulting income for work done being in India for US clients. My money is stuck there. They have not given me any ...

united-states bank-account withdrawal  
user avatar asked by akash Score of 1
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