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Top new questions this week:

Why should I invest so much in 401(k)?

I am 24 yrs old and am making $60,000/yr while saving ~41% of that. 28% of which is going to my Roth 401(k) and the rest is going into a TD Ameritrade and a small amount into a Robinhood account (both ...

united-states 401k savings roth-401k  
asked by JoeBo 17 votes
answered by D Stanley 27 votes

Transferring $ from LLC to Personal account

So I have done some searching here but have not found a question that summarizes my specific position, so I decided to ask it here. I apologize if it has indeed been asked before. Just point me in the ...

united-states taxes limited-liability-company  
asked by Helix 12 votes
answered by Pete B. 15 votes

Does the amount owed listed in my account on include both federal and state taxes owed?

I don't see any kind of indication of whether the amount owed listed in my account on includes both federal and state or just federal. I've received letters in the mail about how I owe state ...

united-states income-tax irs state-income-tax  
asked by Dane Iracleous 6 votes
answered by Hart CO 28 votes

What is a deductible?

New grad just out of college and working at a job that is asking me how much I want to contribute to my HSA. My medical plan deductible is $3,000 and I am a single filer (when it comes to tax) so I ...

united-states taxes health-insurance hsa deduction  
asked by Raj 6 votes
answered by Justin Cave 11 votes

Taxes on rent back

I know there are risks to this, but I'm only asking about viability. Let's say I buy a property in the United States and did a one to three year rent back to the previous owners. The sellers would ...

united-states real-estate real-estate-leasing  
asked by Arfo 5 votes
answered by juhist 4 votes

Should You Pay Off A Low Interest Loan From Emergency Fund

I have a car loan that is pretty low interest at 3.49%. It has 3k left and I have enough to take it out and still have an emergency fund for rent, and the small student loans I still have. Each month ...

loans emergency-fund  
asked by workThrowAway 5 votes
answered by Hart CO 5 votes

In India, how can I verify mutual fund holdings, to prevent frauds?

Recently in India we have found out that a lot of big financial institutions have been cooking their books. And both the auditors and regulators have failed miserably and can not be trusted to do ...

india mutual-funds regulation nse-india bse-india  
asked by user91702 4 votes
answered by Dheer 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Who can truly afford luxury cars?

I never really thought about money until one day I checked how much I made compared to the rest of America. The calculator said my household income is in the top 20%. Kind of funny to me, because I ...

united-states debt car auto-loan  
asked by ConfusedDeer 268 votes
answered by JTP - Apologise to Monica 294 votes

What do I need to bring to the bank when applying for a loan?

What do I need to bring to the bank when applying for a loan? Should I bring pay stubs or other evidence of financial stability? What will help my chances of being approved?

united-states documents applications loans  
asked by C. Ross 10 votes
answered by Ellie Kesselman 8 votes

Withdrew £2800, but only £2000 shows as withdrawn on online banking; what are my obligations?

I just withdrew £2800 from the bank. Looking at my online banking, there is only a withdrawal of £2000 listed. The form I signed said the amount I asked for, and the teller weighed the cash out on the ...

united-kingdom banking withdrawal  
asked by Jaloopa 53 votes
answered by SJuan76 67 votes

Calculating the total capital of a company?

I was wondering how do we calculate the total capital of a company? Which items should I look for in the financial statements? And how do I calculate notes payable? Is the same as accounts payable?

accounting cash-flow financial-statements  
asked by Josh 5 votes
answered by John Bensin 4 votes

What is the best way to accept payment when selling a used car?

I plan on selling a used car via Craigslist, and I hope to get between $4-5K for it. I don't want to take a check from a stranger, but I'm concerned that no one will be willing to show up at my house ...

united-states car cash selling  
asked by Matt Solnit 63 votes
answered by Timo Geusch 51 votes

How do rich people guarantee the safety of their money, when savings exceed the FDIC limit?

I am curious how a millionaire would guarantee the safety of his money, given that the FDIC only insures up to $250K of an individual's deposits at a bank. If someone had $3 million that they wanted ...

united-states risk limits deposit-insurance fdic  
asked by pacoverflow 39 votes
answered by mhoran_psprep 33 votes

How can I send money on Paypal without revealing my real name or address?

I have not used Paypal before; however, I need to use it to send money now. I have heard that Paypal shows your real name and address when you send money. How can I stop that, so that I can send ...

paypal privacy  
asked by Somatic 10 votes
answered by Dai 11 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Non resident: Do I need to pay any state taxes for 2019?

I lived and worked in US in 2018 and filed both the federal tax and the state tax (CA) in 2019. I left US in 2018 Dec and settled in new country. For 2019, I got married and lived outside US for the ...

united-states stocks non-resident dividends  
asked by karen 1 vote
answered by user102008 0 votes

Leveraged NASDAQ ETF outperforms 3x non leveraged NASDAQ ETF?

I was reading article an about leveraged ETFs on seekingalpha and found this: High-beta strategies have the potential to help you achieve your goals. Of particular interest is the fact that having ...

stocks etf leverage leveraged-etf  
asked by ytoledano 2 votes

How much tax does a French taxpayer have to pay for donations received via crowdfunding platforms (e.g., GoFundMe)

How much tax does a French taxpayer have to pay for donations received via crowdfunding platforms (e.g., GoFundMe (mirror))?

taxes france  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 1 vote
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