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Skype will be going IPO soon. How can I purchase their IPO stock?

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  • Sign up with a broker that is participating in the IPO. (I don't think that the date is even set yet, so it's probably a little early to check.)
  • Read and follow their instructions. Here's E*Trade's IPO center HowTo as a sample.
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I imagine you would need a lot of money to enter, and tbh I thought the shares are already allocated, thus ruling out members of the public purchasing any until after the ipo The IPO is the public offering, obviously, and you being a member of the public will have to wait until they are listed ... ?

My answer would be you can't buy stock until after the ipo, until then the company is held privately.

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any explanation for -1? Jut because the process, of purchasing stock before an ipo exists, does not mean the skype founders are selling any of their stock. – NimChimpsky Oct 1 '10 at 12:12
-1 because you're wrong. You can sign up to participate in an IPO and purchase the stock at a price which is sometimes significantly cheaper than the price you'd have to pay once it hits the market on its first day of trading. You're buying during the IPO; as part of the IPO, and you don't have to wait until afterward. – fennec Oct 3 '10 at 16:19

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