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I was in NY recently,about 3 weeks ago and purchased a Macbook Pro from the Apple Store. I was unaware that I could claim a tax refund at the airport so didn't claim it as yet.

I do have my receipt and will be in NY in 6 weeks again .

My question is, if I go back to the Apple store with my receipt and passport will they be able to stamp it for a refund and can I claim it at the airport on my return to my home country a week later end September? Also do I need to have that laptop with me at the time?

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There's no VAT in the US. What you paid was "sales tax". It is not refundable to foreigners. You were unaware that you could claim it at the airport - because you couldn't, cannot and will not be able even if you come back to the store with your foreign passport. The State of New York doesn't issue such refunds.

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Thank you for the information. – tejal Aug 1 '14 at 9:30

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