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I am considering purchasing a property in another country as a vacation home. I'll continue to live in the US (nation of citizenship), but may consider using the foreign home as a retirement locale, too, in several years.

What type of insurance do I need to purchase on the foreign property? Can I add it to my US policy, or do I need a country-based carrier?

If it matters, the home would be in the Caribbean (haven't picked the exact country yet).

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Can I add it to my US policy, or do I need a country-based carrier?

Adding it to your US policy is highly unlikely. I recently had occasion to rent an apartment in a different state in the US, and my insurance agent in my home state could neither add this to my home-owner's policy nor write a renter's policy in the other state. I had to get an agent licensed in the other state to write a renter's policy. This was with State Farm, by the way. Maybe other insurance companies march to the beat of a different drummer.

For a policy on property in a different country entirely, I doubt the average insurance agent would have a clue as to what the minimum requirements for a policy are.

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