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So we recently got married and now I'm trying to figure out our W4. I make 77k a year and she's around 68k a year. Her stub shows Single-0 and mine is Married-1. I read through a bunch of articles and even tried a couple of paycheck calculators. Damn thing is so confusing. Bottom line, what's the easiest way to figure out the minimum amount of taxes we should be withholding from our paychecks.

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Tax programs can help you with that (both H&R Block and TurboTax know how to calculate this). You can also talk to your tax professional, if you have any, it should take them 5 minutes, so if you're a paying tax preparation customer, you can definitely expect this to be a free service.

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You have two choices. One is to get the W4 form a copy for each of you, and run through the form. It asks the questions to properly calculate your withholding allowances. The other way is to do a dry run of your taxes. If your income is regular, now that the year is half over, you have a good idea how the year will end. Then get a copy of Circular E (aka Publication 15), and calculate the proper withholding for the rest of this year.

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