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I signed up for Credit Karma awhile back and I noticed that they are able to run an inquiry just about any time that I hit "update".

  • How do they do that, since my understanding is you are only allowed 1 free inquiry per year?
  • Does their inquiry count as a hard hit or a soft hit?
  • Will having them monitor my credit score and open accounts negatively affect my credit score?
  • Is the score that they display just an approximation of the FICO score?



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  • They have a relationship with Transunion.
  • Soft. No record of the credit pull on your report.
  • No
  • It's supplied by one of the three large scoring agencies. There is no one FICO score, each of the big three will differ a bit.
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It should also be noted for #4 that you are not getting your FICO score from Credit Karma, it is TransUnion's "TransRisk" score (and your VantageScore) – bhamby Jul 17 '12 at 17:02
True. For what it's worth, when I last refinanced in December, my 3 scores varied 50 points high to low and karma was in the middle nearly dead average of the three. – JoeTaxpayer Jul 17 '12 at 20:52

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