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I am doing a research for school and I am looking for a chart with the DJIA companies since 1950 to present and their stock price multiplier each year. Basically something like (values are fictive):

    Y | DJIA multiplier | Company1                  | Company 2                 | ...
      |                 | Part of DJIA | Multiplier | Part of DJIA | Multiplier | ...
    50| 4.5             | No           |    N/A     | Yes          | 3.4        | ...
    51| -3.2            | Yes          | -2         | Yes          | 0.5        | ...

Does anyone know where can I find something like this or how can I agrregate it from the Internet?

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You can create something like that by:

You'll have to determine the PE ratio manually from the financial statements. To get the PE ratio for each company, you can try the Edgar database, though I doubt it goes as far back as 1950.

This blog has a graph of the DJIA PE ratio from 1929 - 2009.

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