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Are there any good online tools to examine asset allocation, portfolio diversification? I would be interested in being able to plug in numbers, run scenarios etc.

I could build a worksheet in Excel that did this with some kind of pie chart but thought I would avoid a "not invented here" approach and reuse someone's efforts.

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On a similar quest.

One of the lists I check daily are Google Finances lowest Betas Shows me a handful of companies with healthy financials and each correlated to the market by 0.33 or less, so it doesn't have to tank along with the S&P 500 as much.

Another using similar criteria but sorted by highest dividend yields: To try and keep the results little correlated to each other, run that screener once for each of the 12 sectors, for example.

Somewhere I used to use a site that measures and graphs direct correlations. Let me find that link and post back.

Here's one popular Correlation Tracker.

Ah,yes. Remembered the one that's been my favorite: Impactopedia

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