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I want to set up an account on PayPal or Google to simplify online transactions. However, for security reasons, I do not want to link it to a bank account.

I can get a friend to fund the PayPal/Google account and then I can spend the money online (or use the PayPal debit card).

Is this possible? Can I setup a PayPal or Google Checkout account without giving them a bank account?

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Yes, you can set up a PayPal or a Google Checkout account without a bank account linked to it.

Neither PayPal nor Google Checkout requires you to link to a bank account.

Both services provide for linking your payment account to a credit card instead.

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I don't want to use a credit card either. – user128807 Dec 9 '11 at 20:47
@user128807 I suggest you update your question accordingly. – Chris W. Rea Dec 10 '11 at 13:24

Yes, but PayPal has limits. Depending on your annual transactions you might have a $$ limit each year unless you agree to tie to a bank account. In my case, I set up another checking account to link to, and keep a small amount there. Less than $200.

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