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I wanted to know if you could help me a bit because online searches didn't bring back many results (at least what I was looking for, ie non-Greek banks, etc).

Can you recommend any sites where EU-citizens in general or Greek citizens in particular can open an account for investing/trading (stocks, forex, mutual funds, etc)?


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You will likely need to open an account in another EU country, like a broker operating out of France, Britain or Germany, to get the best options. If you are comfortable using an english language site and interface, I highly recommend Interactive Brokers as they let you trade in many markets simultaneously, have simple currency conversion, and great tools. But, they are geared toward active traders so you might be better with a more retail oriented broker if you are new to trading stocks.

There are many options. Here is a list to start with:

online brokers by area

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In the UK: iWeb ShareDealing (I use them), Bestinvest, SippDeal, Selftrade... – quant_dev Feb 11 '12 at 17:38

The Greek Piraeus Bank offers such services for trading stocks in Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) and in addition 26 other markets including NASDAQ, NYSE and largest European ones (full list, in Greek).

Same goes for Eurobank with a list of 17 international markets and the ability to trade bonds.

BETA Securities has also an online platform, but I think it's only for ASE.

Some other banks (like National Bank of Greece) do have similar online services, but are usually restricted to ASE.

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